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The research in our laboratory is focused on developing chemical tools to target the transcriptional programs that drive cancer.

Chromatin and transcriptional biology

We use chemical tools and integrative transcriptional genomics to study the proteins that regulate pathogenic gene expression programs in cancer. Compared to genetic approaches, chemical tools allow us to better assign the direct mechanisms by which these proteins function in native living systems.

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Target discovery

We use unbiased forward genetic approaches to motivate new targets for drug discovery. We focus on the discovery of targets with demonstrated roles in genetically-defined cancer sub-types. We also use forward genetics to uncover mechanisms of response and resistance to novel drug classes.

Drug discovery and chemical probes

Current efforts in the group are aimed at DNA-binding transcription factors, chromatin reader domains, and chromatin modifiers. We use diverse discovery chemistry approaches, including high-throughput screening, high-throughput medicinal chemistry, chemical proteomics, and chemically induced proximity to address the most compelling targets.

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